Michael Laine

Michael is our main character, the president and only employee of LiftPort Group, the company he founded to develop materials and technologies to build a space elevator. During the financial crisis he made a bad bet with his real estate holdings that left him broke, with a dead company and a resume that was mostly fringe space elevator research.

Michael is the ultimate salesman. And if he's not, he needs to be. After all, he's selling people the idea of building an elevator to space -- on the moon, no less.

David Shoemaker

David is a Microsoft engineer who, when he’s not working on the elevator, is building an amusement hall to house his 200+ piece collection of classic pinball and arcade games. Michael and David have been lifelong friends.

“Any rational, sane, sensible, responsible person would have set this to the back-burner at least, and gotten a day job," David says. "Michael’s whole being is wrapped up in this project, and he’s not going to let it go until it finishes successfully or he dies trying.”